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David Dougherty CPA, P.A. has been preparing individual and corporate tax returns for clients over the past 30 years. We like to find ways to help our clients earn more income and deduct all available expenses to lower their tax liabilities.

In addition to federal, state, and local tax preparation for a few thousand clients, we receive many referrals for individuals and corporations that have IRS Tax problems and State Sales Tax problems. We have helped numerous clients pay no taxes and/or have reduced their tax obligations significantly.

Our firm has performed many forensic audits and prepared and testified in many large case issues. Examples include:

  • BP Oil Spill- We represented over 3,000 hotels and other businesses, recovering over $300 million in lost revenues.
  • Orange County Hotel Tax- Collection, audit, and enforcement of taxes including issues with who was not properly collecting and remitting taxes. We have saved the county over $100 million in revenue. 
  • Multiple Cities and Counties- We have represented the municipalities in conjunction with Fortune 500, MBIA, and municipal bond companies, saving over $500 million in telecommunications revenue. 

Our Firm Members:

David Dougherty, CPA- Accounting and Finance Degrees from the University of Tennessee

Dave Rauschenberger- Accounting and Engineering Degrees from Stetson University

Pratiksha Patel, CPA- Accounting Degrees from Boston University and Stetson University

Neil Patel- Accounting Degree from Florida State University

Joshuah Roy- Business Student at the University of Central Florida

"Paying less is Best"

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