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State Sales Taxes vary from state to state. In Florida there is a 6% sales tax and there can also be a local optional sales tax imposed by each county adding up to another 1% for a total of 7%. In addition, about half of the 67 counties in Florida impose a Tourist Development Tax (hotel tax, bed tax, etc.). There are several other taxes such as Communications Tax, Motor Fuel Tax, etc. The Florida Department of Revenue website provides a list of all taxes and a list of taxes by county. You MUST register with the Florida Department of Revenue to collect Sales Tax.

Sales Tax is a transaction tax. The tax is applied to each gross sale unless there is a stated exemption or resale certificate presented. The tax applies to a variety of sales that could include a product, in some cases a service, and rentals. It is wise to log on to the Florida Department of Revenue's website and look up each type of transaction applicable to your business or seek professional advice on whether your business transactions are subject to sales tax.

If you conduct business in several counties you may be obligated to remit the taxes at different rates implied by each county. If you are doing business by internet the sales of products are subject to sales tax.

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