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State payroll taxes are generally remitted quarterly on Form RT-6 Re-employment. This was referred to as UTC-6 Unemployment prior to 2010. Apparently, Re-employment sounds better and gave someone in government a "feather in their hat" to help the general population feel better about record breaking unemployment and higher tax rates.

The RT-6 Forms list each employee name, social security number and gross amount paid. In 2015, employers are required to pay tax on each employee's gross salary up to $7,000. Gross wages in excess of $7,000 have to be reported for each employee, but they are tax exempt.

For example: John Smith was paid $5,000 in the first quarter of the year and $4,000 in the second quarter. Tax was due on the full $5,000 in the first quarter and tax was due on $2,000 in the second quarter with $2,000 exempt from the tax. Any wages paid to John in the third and fourth quarters have to be reported but no tax is due for John.

Effective January 1, 2015: Tax rates range from .0024 (.24% or $16.80 per employee) to .054 (5.4% or $378 per employee).

(Note: This reflects a change in Tax rates from 2014. The rates ranged from .0059 (.59% or $47.20 per employee) to .054 (5.4% or $432.00 per employee). This rate was based upon an annual salary up to $8,000 per employee. See the Florida Department of Revenue's Reemployment Tax Rates.

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